Performer & creator: Mercedes Balarezo

Language: English

Dates & time
Thu. 5.5.2022 21:15
Fri. 6.5.2022 21:19
Sat. 7.5.2022 21:23
Sun. 8.5.2022 21:26

Place & address
Lapinlahden Lähde – Sininen Huone
Lapinlahdenpolku 8
00180 Helsinki

Ticket fee: 8€/4€
Pay what you can, sliding scale fee

Duration: 40 minutes


My nemesis could not be completely executed because that means I have to kill myself…
A half successful self-murder…
A joke that laughs at itself!
A pagan memorial service could be the first step to befriend the enemy.

By an eclectic collage of invented rituals, I revisit my deceased fat’s last years and our relationship.

This is a confessionary performance about my struggle with body-image issues, the pills and other demons that came with it.

Sininen Huone is on the second floor and unfortunately at the moment does not have access for wheelchair.
Trigger warning: content related to body-image issues and eating disorders. Stroboscope light effect at some point of the performance.

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Thanks to the support of
Niilo Helander Foundation &
Theatre Circus Maximus