Performance installation is open  6/6 – 14/6 on the following times
(times & dates are subject to change: changes in schedule are
announced on this FB page):

thursday 6.6  –  15 – 19
saturday 8.6 – 1430 – 1830
sunday 9.6.  – 15 – 19
tuesday 11.6.  – 15-19
wednesday 12.6. –   evening edition  20 – 24
friday 14. 6.  –  1430 – 1830

Working group: Milla Martikainen, Petra Vehviläinen, Kati Raatikainen,
Sofia Simola, Eero Erkamo and different kind of creatures, phenomenons
and processes.

Milla Martikainen works widely in the fields of performing arts as a
performance artist, visual designer and scenographer. Her work is
currently emerging from the landscape of the experienced crisis,
trying to find artistic strategies to understand and take part in the
process of creating realities inside and in-between different kind of
structures. She works in collective process with different kind of
human and non human companion creatures. Her recent works include
visual design for Tainaron in Finnish National Theatre, performance
installation “Global Flood” in ANTI-festival in Kuopio &  collective
12-hour-performance “NIGHTSCHOOL” on Stage-festival Helsinki.

Kati Raatikainen is a Helsinki based performance artist and
choreographer. In the center of her work is a bodily investigation of
how to choreograph empathy and the relationships between human and
non-human beings in performative situations. She works normally in
collectives and in long processes. Her work has been presented for
example in Zodiak center for new dance in Helsinki and at Urb –
festival in Kiasma contemporary art museum.

Petra Vehviläinen is artist from Helsinki. Her works situates in the
fields of performance, music and visual arts. Her works are often
site-orientated and located into landscapes and public spaces and deal
with autobiographical material as non-identity related questions, but
a starting point for collective work and encounter as well as
understanding one’s own position. Her works has been presented for
example site spesific in several public spaces in Helsinki,
Kiasma-theatre, galleries and music festivals in Finland and abroad.

Sofia Simola works as a dance and performance artist and studies
ecology and utilisation of forests in University of Helsinki. Her
latest works has been presented in Zodiak center for new dance in
Helsinki and in Urb-festival in Kiasma contemporary art museum. Her
latest work is called a Operation Paulaharju, a 4-year-long
collaboration with theatre maker and author Juha Hurme.

Eero Erkamo is light designer whose main works are presented widely in
Finland and abroad. His light design and space installations have been
presented for example in Lux Helsinki light festivals,  Turku City
Theatre and site-spesfic in several swimming halls in Finland. He made
light design for installation called The Other Side which won the
golden medal in students category in PQ2015.

Acts of Care performs in Prague in June

Acts of Care is presented as a part of the Finnish National FLUID
STAGES exhibition curated by Art Collective KOKIMO at The Prague
Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (PQ 2019).

In the performance installation a big plastic bubble tent landing on
public places. It invites the audience and the people passing by to
enter and receive care.

Acts of care provides hospice to the mankind in a moment of crisis an
inevitable change. The bubble is a tent, an intimate space, a
fantastic chappel, a place to rest. The audience steps in and may stay
as long as they wish. In the bubble performers help the visitors to
encounter themselves as part of the life circulation and to yield into
being a part of our shared planet with different kind of acts of care.

For us “care” means also trying to study and rehearse what happens
when you try to make post-fossil art.

The performance is aproduction of Theater Circus Maximus, a
Helsinki-based theatre association focusing on experimental forms of
Supported also by Finnish Cultural Foundation and Kone foundation.



Theatre Circus Maximus is a Helsinki – based theatre association
gathering together professional artists from the field of dance,
theatre, performance, music and visual arts. It specializes on
experimental forms of performance, combining different art forms and
working in site- and situation-spesific environments.


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