Circus Maximus is a Finnish theatre company founded in 1997. Based in Helsinki, Circus Maximus acts locally and globally by co-operating with other professional art institutions and groups. The 50 members of the company are trained professional artists, not only of theatre such as actors, playwrights, directors and designers, but also visual artists and musicians. The company has been funded annually by the Finnish Theatre Board since 2001, and throughout its existence it has employed more than 100 artists, artesans and technicians. Circus Maximus’ name, meaning ”the great circle” is a reference to the variety of people, ideologies and disciplines included in the company. Circus Maximus exists temporarily, although spacial materialization takes place regularly.

Circus Maximus’ mission is to operate as a forum for artistic research and development by producing theatre and dance productions, visual art exhibitions and radio dramas. The combination of the artistic staff in every production varies, but the emphasis is always on the seamless integrity of every element which create an art event. The aim is to provide the audience a thought-provoking and audio-visually effective experience. Circus Maximus’ productions are 21st century performing arts of exceptional quality.